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Here is what you will experience inside your Yoga For Back Care Online Program
1In week 1 you will learn abour your pelvis. After week 1 you will stand up taller and sit up straighter.
1In week 2 you will learn about your feet and your legs.  After week 2 you will now how to relieve your back pain by walking.
1In week 3 you will learn about your neck and shoulders.  After week 3 you will know how to sit at your computer without pain.
1By week 4 you will see a significant change in your back pain. You will learn how to strengthen your core.
1In week 5 you will learn why it is important to breath and you feel less anxious, less busy, and you will be in less pain.

Hear what previous back pain-sufferers are saying…

My career as a computer programmer requires long hours staring intensely into a computer monitor. Needless to my body has suffered the consequences. In particular, my shoulders developed deep pinpointing striking pain..too deep for massages to get to. In addition, I have osteo-arthritis in my neck that causes periodic headaches.
Thank goodness I discovered Shauna’s particular magic approach to yoga. Her carefully thought out approach causes no harm to a damaged body while she takes you through the asanas that offer amazing relief. The key..I can’t stress this in the DETAILS! It isn’t enough to just read about the particular asana. The key to getting relief is to have a careful detailed explanation about what your body is supposed to do. I can now manage my stiff shoulders and neck by applying those details..not just in my yoga practice but just adjusting how I stand in grocery lines, stretching my back as I wait for the microwave! Shauna’s approach WORKS!

Miki Moore

I have back and hip issues.  This program is helping me stay healthy, it’s toning my muscles and stimulating my circulation. I get so much relief in my back and hip by practicing the poses. They also help me relax and teach me breath control, which I love. 

Kris Harnett

My neck and back frequently give me pain in varying degrees. Practicing yoga is most often a good remedy for pain, but there are times when practicing is the cause of pain. ( i.e. Pushing myself too far or too many back bends or Inversions.)
When I work with Shauna, I always feel safe to practice in a way that benefits my physical well being. If I am in pain, I know you will teach me and show me to practice in a way that alleviates the pain. If I come to my mat with no pain, I leave with a feeling of balance and strength and continue to be pain free.
During the program I merged weeks 1-3 and LOVED it! I was really surprised how much poses from week 3 helped open up the other poses like Dog Pose, Warrior 2 and even Lunges! I heard myself breathe a sigh of release many times during my practice. Thanks, Shauna Lay!

Stacey Locke Ristow